Chris Okereafor Redefining conflict transformation in Africa

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Chris Okereafor Redefining conflict transformation in Africa


As a journalist who covered the diplomatic beat for over two decades, the denouement of the hot dispute over the ownership of the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula boundary between two close-nit Sub--Saharan West African neighbors;Nigeria and Cameroon was a major breaking news in modern warfare to this Author. The central theme of the book is to illustrate how the hand-over of the disputed Peninsula can serve as a capable tool in recovering the past history and culture of African conflict resolution mechanism and exploring its future potentials for Peace Building in Africa in particular and other troubled spots in the world. These broad objectives also explores the the lingering question concerning the novel idea of peace and security as a veritable instrument for democracy and good governance towards socio-political and economic... Therefore, this book is not only a historical survey, but also a professionally informed investigation into Conflict Transformation models in Africa.

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