Pooya Madani Dealing With Segregation

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Pooya Madani Dealing With Segregation


The goal here was to explore the right regeneration interventions to tackle segregation and exclusion problem in... This book investigates the problems and challenges in a segregated neighborhood and explores possible urban regeneration interventions which can tackle these problems in a specific district(Carnisse in Rotterdam).The author tried to investigate and explore how built environment together with the socio-economic processes can influence human interactions.Being static is a characteristic of the built environment that we (as urbanists and architects) produce.These places and spaces are occupied by human beings (users) which are dynamic in terms of their actions and relations.Transformation happens in user’s needs and relations way quicker than it happens in built environment.This means that a pleasant and attractive space of yesterday would become an undesired environment today or tomorrow.This is the story of many post-war neighborhoods in Europe and particularly Netherlands.

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